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Tips from Central Park's Volunteers

Tips from Central Park’s Volunteers

By Central Park Conservancy|22 March 2018
Our green-shirted volunteers are everywhere in Central Park: gardening, greeting visitors on foot and in kiosks, painting benches, and guiding visitors on walking tours. Each year, more than 400 regular volunteers — along with over 1,300 people who serve on corporate Park maintenance projects ...

From the Mailbag March 2018

From the Mailbag: Solitude, Sports, and Skyline Views

By Central Park Conservancy|01 March 2018
What have you always wanted to know about Central Park? When we recently posed this question on our Instagram Story, we received curious inquiries on everything from the best places to take skyline photos to the history of the Minton tile ceiling in the Bethesda Terrace Arcade. Read our responses be...
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10 Date Ideas in Central Park

10 Date Ideas in Central Park

By Central Park Conservancy|08 February 2018
Central Park has always been home to romance — did you know a popular path for couples named Lovers' Lane once existed where Turtle Pond is today? These days, there are so many date spots in the Park that planning a romantic outing can be overwhelming. Whether you're visiting for a first date ...

How the Obelisk Made Its Home in Central Park

How the Obelisk Made Its Home in Central Park

By Central Park Conservancy|01 February 2018
The Obelisk, also known as Cleopatra's Needle, arrived in Central Park more than 130 years ago. Standing between the Great Lawn and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Obelisk is the oldest outdoor monument in New York City and the oldest man-made object in Central Park. The Obelisk's history is ric...

The Story of Seneca Village

The Story of Seneca Village

By Central Park Conservancy|18 January 2018
Before Central Park was created, the landscape along the Park’s perimeter from West 83rd to West 89th Street was home to Seneca Village, the largest community of free African-American property owners in New York before the Civil War. With more than 200 African-American, German, and Irish resid...
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The Past, Present, and Future of Balto

By Central Park Conservancy|04 January 2018
Central Park is home to an important collection of more than 50 sculptures and monuments, with many of them commemorating famous figures or historical events. Arguably the most popular statue in the Park is of Balto, the famed Alaskan sled dog that battled blizzard conditions to deliver medicine to ...

20 Ways to Enjoy Winter in Central Park

20 Ways to Enjoy Winter in Central Park

By Central Park Conservancy|21 December 2017
Don’t let the cold keep you from Central Park this winter! With fun, year-round destinations like the Carousel and the Swedish Cottage — and snowy activities like sledding and ice-skating — there is so much to see and do this season. Stumped about how to spend a winter day in the P...

A Look Back 2017

A Look Back: Improving Central Park in 2017

By Central Park Conservancy|07 December 2017
Did you know that the Conservancy has an in-house team of planning, design and preservation professionals who enhance Central Park year-round? From renovating your favorite landscapes to reconstructing historic elements you may have never seen before, we continue to enhance the Park for today’...

Children's District Blog

The Children’s District: Then and Now

By Central Park Conservancy|17 November 2017
With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s an idyllic time to visit Central Park with friends and family. Did you know the Park has offered fun destinations and activities for families for more than 100 years? Families have flocked to Central Park for more than 100 years, and kids...

Runner's Guide Blog

The Runner’s Guide to Central Park

By Central Park Conservancy|02 November 2017
Central Park is a runner’s paradise. In celebration of this month’s TCS New York City Marathon, we’re sharing the best routes and Park tips for runners. Did you know the first New York City Marathon, in 1970, consisted entirely of loops around Central Park? Now, runners pass throug...

Fall Foliage Blog

Where to Find Fall Foliage in Central Park

By Central Park Conservancy|19 October 2017
Each fall, many of Central Park’s roughly 20,000 trees transform into golden shades of yellow, orange, red, and more. It’s one of the Park’s most photogenic times of year, and we’re asked a lot this season about when and where to find the best fall foliage. We’re here t...

Aqueduct Blog

Meeting New York City’s Demand for Water

By Central Park Conservancy|05 October 2017
This year marks the 175th anniversary of the original Croton Aqueduct system, which provided New York City with an abundant supply of fresh water. Officially dedicated in October 1842, the Croton Aqueduct system revolutionized the City. Did you know this remarkable piece of history also involves Cen...