Your Central Park Moment

Brought to you by the Central Park Conservancy

There's no place like Central Park. Its 843 acres are filled with moments for all New Yorkers—moments of peace, connection, exercise, and escape. Yet what often goes unnoticed is the role of the Central Park Conservancy in creating and protecting your Park moment.

The Conservancy, entrusted by the City of New York, is behind every aspect of Central Park's care. We're a group of 350 committed and experienced staff members—from groundkeepers and gardeners to architects and arborists—and all of us lend a hand.

And contrary to popular belief, it is not taxpayer money but individual donations that make up the majority of the Park's funding. Thanks to our dedicated community, we sustain this iconic green oasis together.

That's how a Central Park moment is made. Join us. The Park needs us—all of us.


The Conservancy cares for the Park 365 days a year, but our work wouldn’t be possible without you.

The Conservancy in Action

We tend to the Park’s complex maintenance, restoration, and architectural needs—from horticulture, tree and turf care, trash management, visitor services, and much more.

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Central Park wouldn’t be Central Park without New Yorkers. The Park needs you to show your love for NYC by stepping up to care for it.