The Conservancy’s board and senior leadership work together toward the common goal of preserving and enhancing Central Park for future generations.

Betsy Smith

President & CEO, Central Park Conservancy

Elizabeth “Betsy” Smith has served as President & CEO of the Central Park Conservancy since 2018. For the last six years, Ms. Smith’s top priorities have been to guide the Conservancy in it is efforts to preserve Central Park’s essential purpose as a retreat from the pressures of City life, and to elevate the profile of the Conservancy as the Park’s primary steward and an anchor institution critical to the health and vibrancy of the City.

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Stephen Spinelli

Chief Financial Officer

Mary Caraccioli

Chief Communications and Engagement Officer

Roger Mosier

Chief of Park Operations

Christopher Atkinson

Vice President for Finance

Senior Leadership

Margaret Asaro

Vice President for Park Maintenance & Facilities

Erica Blum

Vice President for Women’s Committee & Special Events

Vinny Cirrito

Vice President for Landscape Management and Horticulture

Josh Ehrlich

Vice President of Information Technology

Olivia Freeland

Vice President for Construction

Abby Healy

Senior Vice President for Development & Campaign Co-Director

Sandra Huber

Senior Vice President for Capital Projects

Tricia Kang

Vice President for Digital Experience

Salmaan Khan

Vice President for Planning and Research

Diane Jackier Kestenbaum

Vice President for Program Management

Nick Koster

Vice President for Design

Matt Lawyue

Vice President of Communications

Suzanne Pennasilico

Vice President for People and Culture

David Saltonstall

Vice President for Government Relations, Policy & Community Affairs

Erica Sopha

Vice President for Park Use & Stewardship

Sylvia Tsen

Vice President for Business Solutions

Leah Day VanHorn

Chief of Staff and Vice President of Strategy & Programming



Board of Trustees

June 2024

Thomas L. Kempner, Jr.

Chair of the Board of Trustees

Andrew Davis

Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees

Michael Grobstein


Kenneth H. Heitner, Esq.

Secretary and General Counsel

Elizabeth W. Smith +

Judy Hart Angelo

Jeff T. Blau

Frank Carone #

Judy Carson

Richard Cashin

Martin Cohen

Pamela J. Craig

Dr. Gayatri Devi

Dr. Angela Diaz ^

Dr. Thelma Dye ^

John Ehrenkranz

Ben Ellencweig

Glenn Fuhrman

Paul Goldberger

Bennett Goodman

Nicholas A. Gravante, Jr. #

Anne S. Harrison

Jane Heller

Damaris Hernandez #

Amie James

Dr. Sandye Johnson ^

Jonathan Korngold

Jill Lafer #

Shelly Lazarus

Hon. Mark Levine +

Carol Sutton Lewis

Robert C. Lieber #

Jay P. Mandelbaum

Nelle Miller

Gillian Miniter

Commissioner Sue Donoghue +

Clarence Nesbitt

Amelia Ogunlesi

ILA Paliwal

Jenny Price +

Didi Schafer

Richard G. Schneidman

Laureen E. Seeger

Norman C. Selby

Alfred J. Shuman

John Steinhardt

Erana M. Stennett

John Stossel

Harry D. Taylor

Toya Williford

Barry M. Wolf

Nanar N. Yoseloff

Life Trustees

Lewis W. Bernard

Norma T. Dana

Henry R. Kravis

Sheila C. Labrecque

Lynden B. Miller

Ira M. Millstein, Esq.*

E. John Rosenwald, Jr.

Janet Ross

Eric Rudin

Elizabeth R. Varet

Emeritus Trustees

Elizabeth H. Atwood

Jane Bayard

Suzanne Cochran

Leni May

Eugene Mercy, Jr.

Joe Roby

Mary Wallach

Founding Trustees

William S. Beinecke *

Douglas Blonsky

Gordon J. Davis, Esq.

Richard Gilder *

Elizabeth Barlow Rogers

+ Ex Officio
# Mayoral Appointee
^ Board Appointed
* In memoriam