Planned Giving

Leave a legacy that will last for generations by including the Conservancy in your estate planning. With many options available, including bequests, charitable gift annuities, and 401(k) designations, your generosity will have a lasting effect on Central Park.

Get started today! Regardless of your stage of life — whether you're starting your first job, welcoming your first child into the world, or enjoying retirement — it's never too early or too late to create an estate plan to care for loved ones and remember organizations that mean so much to you.

Learn how you can give a legacy gift to the Central Park Conservancy

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Ways to Give

Planned Giving Bequests

A bequest for Central Park is one of the simplest ways to provide for the Park's future.

Planned Giving Charitable Gift Annuities

In exchange for a gift of cash or appreciated securities to the Conservancy, receive fixed payments for life and a generous tax deduction.

Planned Giving Charitable Lead Trusts

A trust that pays an income stream to the Conservancy for a period of time. At the end of the term, the assets can revert back to you, or pass on to someone else of your choosing.

Planned Giving Charitable Remainder Trusts

An agreement through which donated assets are transferred to a trustee, and you receive income for a specified term. Upon completion of the term, the assets then pass to the Conservancy to support Central Park.

Other Beneficiary Designations

Name the Conservancy as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, a bank or brokerage account, or an individual retirement account (IRA).

Helpful Tips

Proper designation: When referring to the Conservancy in your will or other beneficiary designation please use, "Central Park Conservancy, Inc., New York, NY."

Tax Identification Number (EIN): 13-3022855

Always consult with your attorney and/or financial professional when planning your estate or determining if any of the gifts described in this brochure are appropriate for you. We look forward to working with you and your legal or financial advisers and welcome your inquiries.

Join the Olmsted Visionaries

The Olmsted Visionaries is an honorary membership group that recognizes the generous individuals who have included the Conservancy in their estate plans. Membership is free and includes invitations to exclusive events, special recognition opportunities, Park benefits, and more.

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Supporter Spotlight: Maurice and Yvette Bendahan

Supporter Spotlight: Maurice and Yvette Bendahan

When Maurice Bendahan moved to New York City from Spain in 1951, he fell in love with Central Park. “Expecting a cold, concrete city, I discovered the most beautiful park I had ever seen,” he says.

He met his future wife, Yvette, a few years later, and introduced her to the Park. And even as Central Park declined throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Maurice and Yvette continued visiting what they had grown to consider their backyard.

“Back then, the Park was like a sick child,” Maurice says. “When your child is very ill, you don’t love him any less. You attempt to modify and improve things. That’s what Central Park Conservancy has done with Central Park.”

Central Park Conservancy nursed Central Park back to health with the help of people like Maurice and Yvette. More than a decade ago, they started supporting our work through our charitable gift annuity program. They receive guaranteed income for life, and the satisfaction of sustaining the Park for future generations.

“You can see the effect of your generosity in your lifetime,” Yvette says.