New Yorkers Take Care of Central Park Together

New Yorkers, what have you done for your backyard today?

As New Yorkers, we pride ourselves on our ability to quickly weave through a crowd, brunch like nobody’s business, and claim the world’s most iconic greenspace as our backyard. Central Park wouldn’t be Central Park without New Yorkers. The Park needs you to show your love for NYC by stepping up to care for it.

What makes someone a real New Yorker? City lore says if you’ve lived here at least 10 years then you’ve earned the accolade... We say a real New Yorker is a good Central Park-er.

The ultimate New Yorkers

Sheep Meadow. You know it as an iconic NYC destination, synonymous with summer in the City. But do you know what goes into its daily care? Ray and Terrence, from the Conservancy's Park Maintenance team, share their experience—from clearing the lawn each night at dusk and collecting visitors' trash to dealing with difficult people. Find out how they do it, while still expertly maintaining this space and their love for it.

Cleaning and Clearing Central Park's Sheep Meadow

A group of Central Park Conservancy staff member in Conservancy uniform laugh and pose for the camera with Bethesda Fountain in the background.

The Central Park Conservancy team is out in the Park every day. They’re fellow New Yorkers—your neighbors—who ensure Central Park remains NYC's iconic and beautiful backyard. By respecting the Park's rules, you’re showing your respect for the people who care for it.