February Secrets of Central Park

Can't visit the Park in person? No problem. This year, our expert guides are bringing its sweeping views and stunning vistas, sublime natural wonders and thriving wildlife to you!

February 7: Ted Corbitt’s Central Park

A legendary runner and long-time New Yorker, Ted Corbitt was the first Black person to run the marathon at the Summer Olympics and the founding president of New York Road Runners. Join us as we look at his impact on Central Park today.

February 14: Love is in the Air

With hidden paths, quiet woodlands, and gorgeous views, romance is built into the very design of Central Park. Conservancy guides will reveal some of the best places to bring your special someone on this virtual Valentine’s Day walk.

February 21: Winter Tree Silhouettes

Who needs vibrant fall foliage and bright summer greens? Discover your new favorite season to appreciate trees as we explore the diverse, interesting, and sometimes unbelievable silhouettes of Central Park's incredible specimens.

February 28: Weather Recording in Central Park

Can you weather the season? Learn about Central Park’s iconic weather recording station as we explore the Belvedere Castle and discuss some weather records and trends over the past 150 years.