About Us

We are the caretakers of Central Park.

People are the pulse of New York City; Central Park lets them breathe.

Since day one, Central Park has been the city dweller’s backyard: a lush and wide-open retreat from the swarming cityscape just beyond its perimeter. What began as a citizen-led effort to revitalize this precious resource became a lasting commitment to the health of the Park and, in turn, that of all New Yorkers. The Conservancy has invested more than $1 billion to date in this mission, the impact of which is beyond measure.

The proof is in the Park. With each landscape revived, water body refreshed, and monument restored, we are both preserving Central Park’s history and cementing its longevity. Our work never ends. It is motivated by an immense reverence for Central Park — a masterpiece of landscape architecture, an inclusive respite from urban life, and an invaluable asset to the greatest city in the world.

Where it all began

The Conservancy was born in 1980 at a dire point in Central Park’s history, but the story begins more than 100 years earlier.

Central Park Conservancy: Our Story

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