Celebrate Juneteenth in Seneca Village

Photo by Daniel Fishel

Head to Seneca Village this Juneteenth for a family-friendly celebration of Black culture and accomplishment through music, storytelling, dance, poetry and more!

Check back in 2023 to learn about our plans for Juneteenth in Central Park!

Hear from the 2022 event curators on how they created a Juneteenth commemoration that is both a powerful act of somber remembrance and celebratory joy.

Enjoy performances by world-renowned artists as they interpret the fascinating history and significance of Juneteenth and Seneca Village through dance, poetry, music, storytelling, art activities, and more!

Juneteenth in Seneca Village offers an opportunity to not only consider the origins and meaning of this day, but to reflect on Seneca Village, a predominately African-American community that existed before New York City created Central Park and long before we celebrated Juneteenth. Discover the history of this community and see performances by award-winning artists throughout the Park’s Seneca Village landscape that honor the voices and cultures that once resided here.

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Artists will perform throughout the Seneca Village landscape, with each site focusing on a theme connected to the community. See the map below for performance information, times, and locations. We encourage visitors to explore the performances in any order throughout their visit.

Featured Artists

  • Artistic Director

    Andromeda Turre

  • Music

    Abdou M’Boup

  • Music

    Ayodele Maakheru

  • Storyteller

    Gha’il Rhodes Benjamin

  • Poetry

    Marilyn Nelson

  • Dance

    Kia Sillman

  • Dance

    Tislarm Bouie

  • Dance

    DeWitt Fleming, Jr.

  • Performance

    Miche Braden

  • Performance

    Angela Johnson Swan

  • Performance

    Carla Cook

  • Sculptor

    Myles Nurse

  • Music

    Akua Dixon

  • Music

    Ashley Jackson

  • Music

    Shirazette Tinnin

  • Performance

    Community Legacy Project (CLP)

A woman with a child in a stroller on a path that winds through the Seneca Village site

A Closer Look at Seneca Village

Read more about the history and culture of this vibrant community.

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