Seneca Village Tour

Before Central Park was built, the area from West 82nd to West 89th Street was home to Seneca Village, the largest community of African-American property owners in New York.

Discover Seneca Village, the largest community of free African-American property owners in pre–Civil War New York. On this tour, visitors will read the physical landscape of Seneca Village to understand the particular value it provided to Black New Yorkers seeking refuge from the crowded conditions and racial discrimination prevalent in early 19th Century NYC. Conservancy guides offer insight into this unique community and the events that resulted in the displacement of Seneca Village residents through the process of eminent domain for the construction of a new park.

Recommended for those interested in Black history, social history, NYC history, and/or archaeology.

Interpreting and understanding Seneca Village’s history is layered and complex. We encourage you to visit the Conservancy’s Seneca Village webpage prior to or after your tour to learn more about this incredibly unique community.

Places You'll Visit on This Tour