Peter Jay Sharp Children's Glade

Peter Jay Sharp Childrens Glade

Exploration and imagination thrive at the Peter Jay Sharp Children's Glade, an open-area auditorium for storytelling, music, theater, and dance performances. Families enter through rustic pathways to find a series of enchanting lawns studded with stone and tree trunk seating.

Visitors can spot a number of native trees throughout the glade including violets, mayapples, and woodland sunflowers. The shade canopy is primarily made of dogwoods, tulip trees, pitch pines, and chestnut oaks. Shrubs like black raspberries, Allegheny blackberries, and flame azaleas help create the hushed, intimate feeling.


Great Hill

West Side at 103rd-107th Streets

Glenspan Arch

West Side at 102nd Street


West Side at 100th-103rd Streets


West Side at 103rd-106th Streets

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