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Portrait of Florence Williams

Plants and Trees

In Conversation with Author Florence Williams on the Benefits of Nature

Marie Warsh, the Central Park Conservancy’s historian, talked with author and journalist Florence Williams about the profound effect the Park has on our mental health and sense of belonging.

Dr. Carolyn Finney


5 Questions with Dr. Carolyn Finney on the Great Outdoors, Racism, and Finding Joy Through Storytelling

Dr. Carolyn Finney on the importance of stories and representation, and what gives her hope about the future of the environmental and public parks movement.

A model of the Women’s Rights Pioneers Monument, sculpted by Meredith Bergmann

Park History

Women’s Rights Pioneers: A New Addition to Central Park’s Landscape

The Women’s Rights Pioneers Monument—featuring Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton—is the first monument in Central Park to depict actual women.

A view of Summit Rock in the present day

Park History

New Yorkers on the Significance of Seneca Village

We asked several New Yorkers—some of whom have been involved in the work to research and share Seneca Village’s stories—what this place and history means to them. Their responses reveal Seneca Village as a model for community and a symbol of resilience.

Dancers responding to the music at the Harlem Meer Performance Festival

Programs and Events

Harlem Meer Performance Festival Nears 30 Years of Music and Dance

Since 1993, the Harlem Meer Performance Festival has been a cultural cornerstone of the community surrounding the north end of Central Park.

Harlem Meer in summer, with buildings in the background

Plants and Trees

How Central Park Cools the (Urban Heat) Island of Manhattan

Central Park’s 18,000 trees and 843 acres of trails, lawns, and gardens offer some much-needed reprieve when the island of Manhattan turns into what’s called an “urban heat island.”

Algal blooms appear as a green film on the Lake

Restoration and Maintenance

A Growing Challenge: Harmful Algal Blooms in Central Park

Harmful algal blooms commonly occur throughout New York City’s water bodies each summer. Over the years, the Central Park Conservancy has been diligently monitoring their growth and location in order to best inform the public and protect our visitors and wildlife.

Anthony McGill performing with the New York Philharmonic in Central Park


5 Questions with Anthony McGill, Principal Clarinet of the New York Philharmonic

Anthony McGill, a world-renowned classical musician, became the New York Philharmonic’s first African-American Principal player in 2014. He’s performed in Central Park multiple times as part of the Philharmonic’s outdoor concert series.

Stories from Before the Creation of Central Park

Park History

Stories from Before the Creation of Central Park

This seemingly random slice of Manhattan — what we now know as Central Park — is unique in both its terrain and history. Here are a few of its stories.

5 Questions with Journalist Anthony Mason


5 Questions with Journalist Anthony Mason

CBS This Morning co-host and Central Park regular Anthony Mason has been visiting the Park since before he could walk. Today he averages four miles a day, mostly spent meandering the hidden paths and trails.