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A lush path through Shakespeare Garden

Things to See and Do

How to Explore Central Park from Home

During these uncertain times for New Yorkers, Central Park can still provide comfort and solace from a distance. If you’re looking to explore the Park from afar, here are a few ways to bring the outdoors to you.

Mary Harriman Rumsey with Eleanor Roosevelt and Rep. Isabella Greenway of Arizona, 1934

Park History

5 Historic Women Memorialized in Central Park

We highlight a few trailblazing, but little known, women who inspired or funded a variety of features in Central Park — whether they be playgrounds, landscapes, or recreational facilities.

Central Park in Black and White: Classic Films for a Cozy Night

Park History

Central Park in Black and White: Classic Films for a Cozy Night

Central Park has been used as a setting throughout the history of cinema. Here are a few mid-20th-century films, all shot in black and white, to watch on a cozy night in — each of which features Central Park.

Alice in Wonderland statue in the snow

Park Information

Central Park’s Most Instagrammable Wintertime Spots

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an amateur wielding a phone, here are some of our favorite shutter-worthy spots this season.

Two photographers capturing snapshots

Park Information

10 New Year’s Resolutions for a Central Park Lover

A new year is around the corner — and if you’re eager to take on an enjoyable resolution that you can easily accomplish, we’re here to help! Here are 10 ways to combine a desire for a new you in 2020 with the joy of spending time in Central Park.

Billy Johnson Playground with rustic net climber

Restoration and Maintenance

Always Improving: Restoring Central Park in 2019

Keeping Central Park at its most picturesque and inviting is an ongoing process. That’s why the Central Park Conservancy’s team of professionals work year-round to renovate, rebuild, and refresh every corner of the Park.

Signage at Seneca Village Community

Park History

The Rediscovery and Research of Seneca Village

Watch our interview with a descendant of Seneca Village resident Andrew Williams, and learn more about this community of predominantly African-Americans, many of whom owned property.

Central Park Conservancy arborists

Plants and Trees

Branching Out: The Arborists Behind (and in) Central Park’s Trees

Our team of arborists have dedicated their careers to the study, planting, maintenance, and care of trees, and have a deep understanding of Central Park’s more than 18,000 woody plants.

The Arthur Ross Pinetum is snow

Things to See and Do

How to Spend the Holiday Season in Central Park

The holidays are a magical time in New York City, and an especially wonderful season to visit Central Park! Here are some ways to make lasting memories in the Park during the final few months of the year.

NYC Marathon

Park History

Central Park and the New York City Marathon Through the Years

Now in its 49th year, the TCS New York City Marathon has always had a deep connection to Central Park.