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Birdwatchers in the Ramble

Programs and Events

New Yorkers Celebrate Spring in Central Park

A full day of free special events and programs unfolded across Central Park on March 20 to celebrate the first day of spring. Conservancy teams have been preparing the Park for months for warmer weather, and Central Park Celebrates Spring encouraged the community to take part in all that this season has to offer!

Mother and Son at Conservatory Water

Things to See and Do

How to Spend Spring in Central Park

A new season has arrived, and our staff has prepared for months to make Central Park a welcoming spring haven. Conservancy teams have been pruning trees, turning on fountains, tending to gardens, and more. Admire the beauty and warmth of this season while enjoying a bevy of new ways to explore Central Park!

Bethesda Terrace

Park History

Art, Activism, and More: How Women Have Influenced Central Park

Did you know one of Central Park’s most popular statues was created by a woman? Or that more than 100 women work in the Park today as gardeners, architects, groundskeepers, and more? In celebration of Women’s History Month, we highlight some important contributions by women who have helped make the Park a welcoming and thriving public space.

NYC skyline seen from Umpire Rock

Things to See and Do

The Beginner’s Guide to Photography in Central Park

Each year, millions of visitors each year capture the Park’s energy and beauty through photography. Learn insider tips on when, where, and how to get the best snapshots in New York City’s backyard.

Seneca Village

Park History

Uncovering the Stories of Seneca Village

For decades, scholars and archaeologists have worked to resurrect the history of Seneca Village, a predominantly African-American community that existed before Central Park was created. In honor of Black History Month, Conservancy historian Marie Warsh speaks with two archaeologists about their experience excavating Seneca Village artifacts and what the items have revealed about this community.

Yellow Bird on a frozen branch


At Home with the Year-Round Residents of Central Park

Each winter, the animals of Central Park embrace their cold weather routines. Squirrels create nests out of leaves, and birds travel in large groups to stay safe and find food. On our blog, we chat with a wildlife expert at NYC Parks about Central Park’s diverse animals, what to look for this season, and the beloved Mandarin duck.

From the Mailbag: Visiting Central Park in the Winter

Park Information

From the Mailbag: Visiting Central Park in the Winter

We share everything you need to know about spending time in the Park this winter. Discover what areas are closed after a snowfall, read our tips on how to enjoy a snowy Park day, and take note of where to head with your sled.

Ramble, before and after

Restoration and Maintenance

Restoring Central Park in 2018

From renovating your favorite landscapes to reconstructing historic features, the Conservancy continues to enhance Central Park for today’s (and tomorrow’s) visitors. We completed several restoration projects in 2018 — read more about our recent work and see before and after photos.

Billy Johnson entrance

Restoration and Maintenance

Revamping Billy Johnson Playground

Billy Johnson Playground, one of Central Park’s most beloved play spaces, is now open. The Conservancy’s renovation of this playground has preserved and reinforced its rustic character and rich history.

 Group of Bears

Park History

Discovering Paul Manship in Central Park

Paul Manship is one of the most well-represented artists in Central Park. His works, which include the Lehman Gates, are part of a larger tradition of playful sculptures in the Park — often found in areas for children’s play and recreation.