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Billy Johnson entrance

Restoration and Maintenance

Revamping Billy Johnson Playground

Billy Johnson Playground, one of Central Park’s most beloved play spaces, is now open. The Conservancy’s renovation of this playground has preserved and reinforced its rustic character and rich history.

 Group of Bears

Park History

Discovering Paul Manship in Central Park

Paul Manship is one of the most well-represented artists in Central Park. His works, which include the Lehman Gates, are part of a larger tradition of playful sculptures in the Park — often found in areas for children’s play and recreation.

The Ramble after a 5-year restoration

Things to See and Do

The Ramble: ‘A Sense of Mystery’ Across 36 Acres

The Ramble is the landscape that most embodies Central Park’s enduring purpose as an urban oasis. Discover the rich history of the Ramble’s early days and learn how we’ve created more opportunities to climb rocks, sit alongside streams, see native wildflowers, and watch birds in this woodland landscape.

Sugar Maples in spectacular orange

Plants and Trees

What Are Central Park’s Most Colorful Fall Trees?

In appreciation of this photogenic time of year, we asked Alan Clark, Conservancy arborist, to tell us what trees you should look for this autumn and where to find them.


About the Conservancy

An Outdoor Classroom: College Internships in Central Park

Each summer, the Conservancy provides 20 college students with paid, full-time internships in Central Park. Working side-by-side with Conservancy staff, students gain hands-on experience while developing a deeper understanding and appreciation for urban park management.

Birdwatchers with binoculars


The Beginner’s Guide to Birdwatching in Central Park

Central Park welcomes more than 270 bird species each year. Many birds live in the Park year-round, with others making an important stop in the Park to rest and feed during spring and fall migrations. Discover how to spot and appreciate the many birds of Central Park.

Glen Span Arch carries the West Drive

Park Information

From the Mailbag: Bridges, Arches, and Fall Foliage

Have questions about Central Park? On occasion, we gather curious inquiries from Park lovers on our Instagram Story. Read our responses below to some recent questions — on everything from the Park’s bridges and arches to when you can expect colorful fall foliage.

Frederick Douglass

Park History

A History of Monuments in Central Park

The original design for Central Park did not include any monuments, but soon after Central Park opened, New Yorkers began proposing a variety of additions, including monuments.

The Woman Suffrage Monument in Context

Park History

The Woman Suffrage Monument in Context

Slated to be installed in Central Park in 2020, the monument will honor women’s rights pioneers Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. It will be the first statue in Central Park to represent an actual woman.

Blooms in Shakespeare's Garden

Things to See and Do

What’s Blooming This Summer in Central Park

Visit these must-see spots in the Park this summer to find picturesque blooms.