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Park History

Rediscovering Seneca Village: The Place, The People, The Artifacts

Modern-day visitors may not realize the Park’s perimeter from West 83rd to West 89th Street was home to Seneca Village, a community of predominantly African-Americans, many of whom owned property.

NYC Marathon

Park History

Central Park and the New York City Marathon Through the Years

Now in its 49th year, the TCS New York City Marathon has always had a deep connection to Central Park.

Floating music pavillion

Park History

Hidden Histories: 6 Little-Known Designs for Central Park

The history of the Park is well-recorded. But research into the original drawings and plans created to build the Park — by the likes of architects Calvert Vaux and Jacob Wrey Mould — offer hidden secrets from both the built and unbuilt aspects of the Park.

Early rendering of Belvedere Castle

Park History

A ‘Beautiful View’: The History of the Belvedere

When the Belvedere opened 150 years ago, it provided visitors with some of the most sweeping views of Central Park and the city beyond.

Park History

A Look at LGBTQ History in Central Park

Central Park has a long and storied history with the LGBTQ community.

The Arsenal

Park History

A Place to Reflect: Honoring Veterans in Central Park

Central Park is an escape from the bustling city — and a place to rest, relax, and, sometimes, reflect. In honor of Memorial Day and the many veterans who have served our country, we take a special look at the Park’s monuments that commemorate their service.

Original Greensward Plan

Park History

The Competition: 33 Plans for Central Park in 1858

The Park that we know and love today was designed during a competition run by the Commissioners of Central Park from 1857 to 1858. The first-place winner, the Greensward plan, was inspired in part by the open fields of the English.

Bethesda Terrace

Park History

Art, Activism, and More: How Women Have Influenced Central Park

Did you know one of Central Park’s most popular statues was created by a woman? Or that more than 100 women work in the Park today as gardeners, architects, groundskeepers, and more? In celebration of Women’s History Month, we highlight some important contributions by women who have helped make the Park a welcoming and thriving public space.

Seneca Village

Park History

Uncovering the Stories of Seneca Village

For decades, scholars and archaeologists have worked to resurrect the history of Seneca Village, a predominantly African-American community that existed before Central Park was created. In honor of Black History Month, Conservancy historian Marie Warsh speaks with two archaeologists about their experience excavating Seneca Village artifacts and what the items have revealed about this community.

 Group of Bears

Park History

Discovering Paul Manship in Central Park

Paul Manship is one of the most well-represented artists in Central Park. His works, which include the Lehman Gates, are part of a larger tradition of playful sculptures in the Park — often found in areas for children’s play and recreation.