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Alice in Wonderland statue in the snow

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Central Park’s Most Instagrammable Wintertime Spots

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or an amateur wielding a phone, here are some of our favorite shutter-worthy spots this season.

Two photographers capturing snapshots

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10 New Year’s Resolutions for a Central Park Lover

A new year is around the corner — and if you’re eager to take on an enjoyable resolution that you can easily accomplish, we’re here to help! Here are 10 ways to combine a desire for a new you in 2020 with the joy of spending time in Central Park.

From the Mailbag: Visiting Central Park in the Winter

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From the Mailbag: Visiting Central Park in the Winter

We share everything you need to know about spending time in the Park this winter. Discover what areas are closed after a snowfall, read our tips on how to enjoy a snowy Park day, and take note of where to head with your sled.

Glen Span Arch carries the West Drive

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From the Mailbag: Bridges, Arches, and Fall Foliage

Have questions about Central Park? On occasion, we gather curious inquiries from Park lovers on our Instagram Story. Read our responses below to some recent questions — on everything from the Park’s bridges and arches to when you can expect colorful fall foliage.

The Lake in the fall

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Happy 164th Birthday Central Park: Reflecting on Years of Memories

To celebrate 164 years of Central Park, we asked you to share your favorite Park memories and photos.

Joggers in Central Park

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How Central Park Keeps New York City Healthy

We know parks make us healthier and happier, but how does Central Park contribute to the wellbeing of New York City’s people, plants, and wildlife?

Planter at Bethesda Terrace

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Sculpted Nature: Landscape Architecture in Central Park

Every acre of the Park was meticulously designed and built as part of a larger composition, created through the practice that would come to be known as "landscape architecture."