Perimeter Association

perimeter of Central Park

The Perimeter Association is a program of the Women’s Committee that provides funding for the improvement and maintenance of Central Park's six-mile perimeter which runs from the Park's wall to the street curb. Over 100 residential buildings, clubs, and community organizations around the Park contribute to support this effort.

Contributions to the Perimeter Association allow Conservancy staff to:

  • Maintain the hexagon pavers
  • Repair benches along the Perimeter
  • Sweep the sidewalks, remove snow, leaves and graffiti
  • Care for the trees near the Perimeter Wall
  • Pick up trash

Thank you to our building partners for their generous contributions to the Perimeter Association. Without their support, it would be difficult to keep the perimeter clean and maintained.

A special thank you to the Rudin Management Company and its residents for their loyal and generous support.

800 Fifth Avenue*
825 Fifth Avenue*
920 Fifth Avenue*
985 Fifth Avenue*
55 Central Park West


1 Central Park West*
15 Central Park West*


960 Fifth Avenue*
995 Fifth Avenue
The Mount Sinai Hospital*
322 Central Park West
The Hampshire House*
The New York Athletic Club*


810 Fifth Avenue*
817 Fifth Avenue*
820 Fifth Avenue*
860 Fifth Avenue*
870 Fifth Avenue
2 East 70th Street*
910 Fifth Avenue*
936 Fifth Avenue
955 Fifth Avenue
956 Fifth Avenue
965 Fifth Avenue*
993 Fifth Avenue*
1001 Fifth Avenue
1016 Fifth Avenue
1020 Fifth Avenue*
1025 Fifth Avenue
1040 Fifth Avenue
1060 Fifth Avenue
2 East 88th Street*
1125 Fifth Avenue
1133 Fifth Avenue*
1136 Fifth Avenue*
1 West 64th Street
65 Central Park West
101 Central Park West
San Remo
The Beresford
300 Central Park West*
382 Central Park West
106 Central Park South
210 Central Park South
240 Central Park South*


785 Fifth Avenue
Metropolitan Club of New York
The Knickerbocker Club
420 East 64th Street
1 East 66th Street
838 Fifth Avenue
4 East 66th Street
2 East 67th Street
215 East 68th Street*
211 East 70th Street*
875 Fifth Avenue
The Frick Collection
907 Fifth Avenue
912 Fifth Avenue
923 Fifth Avenue
927 Fifth Avenue
930 Fifth Avenue
944 Fifth Avenue
945 Fifth Avenue*
950 Fifth Avenue
953 Fifth Avenue
969 Fifth Avenue
973 Fifth Avenue
990 Fifth Avenue
988 Fifth Avenue
998 Fifth Avenue
1010 Fifth Avenue
30 East 85th Street
Marymount School of New York
1050 Fifth Avenue
1056 Fifth Avenue
17 East 89th Street
1080 Fifth Avenue
21 East 90th Street
1107 Fifth Avenue
1115 Fifth Avenue
1120 Fifth Avenue
1130 Fifth Avenue
1140 Fifth Avenue
1148 Fifth Avenue
1158 Fifth Avenue
1165 Fifth Avenue
1170 Fifth Avenue
1215 Fifth Avenue
1255 Fifth Avenue
1270 Fifth Avenue
1274 Fifth Avenue
The New York Academy of Medicine
1085 Park Avenue*
Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
20 West 64th Street
50 Central Park West
80 Central Park West
91 Central Park West
11 West 69th Street
The Brentmore
The Dakota
The Langham
27 West 72nd Street
15 West 81st Street
25 West 81st Street*
239 Central Park West
279 Central Park West
20 West 86th Street*
27 West 86th Street*
40 West 86th Street*
115 West 86th Street*
144 West 86th Street*
241 Central Park West*
295 Central Park West*
327 Central Park West
370 Central Park West
392 Central Park West
410 Central Park West
418 Central Park West
425 Central Park West
444 Central Park West
455 Central Park West
Towers on the Park
40 Central Park South
30 Central Park South
120 Central Park South
128 Central Park South

Reflects gifts $500 and above received between July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018.

*Denotes buildings that have given to the Perimeter Association for the past five consecutive years.

Perimeter Association Chairs

  • Rema Parachini
  • Vivian Queen
  • Jill Ross

A program of the Women's Committee

Contact Information

Is your building on this list? For more information or to donate to the Perimeter Association, contact: or 212-310-6655