Perimeter Association

The Perimeter Association cares for Central Park’s six-mile perimeter: the sidewalk between the Park wall and street curb, where oasis meets metropolis.

The Perimeter Association is a program of the Women’s Committee that provides funding for the improvement and maintenance of Central Park's six-mile perimeter which runs from the Park's wall to the street curb. Over 100 residential buildings, clubs, and community organizations around the Park contribute to support this effort.

Contributions to the Perimeter Association allow Conservancy staff to:

  • Maintain the hexagon pavers
  • Repair benches along the Perimeter
  • Sweep the sidewalks, remove snow, leaves and graffiti
  • Care for the trees near the Perimeter Wall
  • Pick up trash

For more information on the Perimeter Association, contact us at 212.310.6655 or email [email protected].

Perimeter Co-Chairs

Margo Nederlander
Sarah Kurita

A program of the Women's Committee