Harlem Meer Performance Festival Q&A

The 2024 Harlem Meer Performance Festival will take place from 2:00 pm–4:00 pm every Sunday from July 14 to August 18.

Review our Q&A section below for more details.


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Where do the Harlem Meer Summer Programs take place?

Is there a restroom nearby?

What are the closest subway stations?

Is parking available?

What age groups do the Harlem Meer Performance Festival cater to?

Does it cost anything to attend the Harlem Meer Performance Festival Programs?

Do visitors need to reserve a ticket to attend the Harlem Meer Performance Festival?

How can I receive updates about the Harlem Meer Summer Performance Festival?

Are concessions offered at the Harlem Meer Performance Festival?

What accommodation is provided for people with disabilities?

What is your cancellation policy?

I’d like to apply to perform at next year’s Harlem Meer Performance Festival. How can I be notified when applications open?

I’m interested in sponsoring the Harlem Meer Summer Programs. Who should I contact?

I’m a member of the press. Who should I contact to cover this event?