Heart of the Park Tour Content

Contemporary photos of Park creators Vaux and Olmsted

Left: Calvert Vaux, c. 1860. Fredericks and Company, New York, New England.

Right: Frederick Law Olmsted, c. 1869. Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site.

Bryant is depicted in oils with his arm resting on a table.

William Cullen Bryant, 1828/29. Portrait by Samuel F. B. Morse. Collection of the National Academy Museum & School.

Contemporary rendering showing a large glass pavilion on the banks of a symmetric duck pond.

General view of proposed conservatory in Central Park, 1862–07. Art and Picture Collection, The New York Public Library.

Black-and-white photo of men in suits tending model sailboats along the edge of Conservatory Water

Model Boat Yachtsmen, year unknown.

Book jacket depicting Stuart Little in a birchbark canoe, paddling between blades of grass.

Cover of Stuart Little, published in 1945. Illustration by Garth Williams.

George Delacorte seated on the lap of the Alice in Wonderland statue

George Delacorte, year unknown.

The bird's nest photographed through a powerful telephoto lens.

Pale Male in nest, 2016. Photo by Ken Chaya.

Mould posing against a large, carved stone railing.

Jacob Wrey Mould, 1863. Photo by Victor Prevost.

Black-and-white photo showing lack of maintenance.

Bethesda Terrace with graffiti, late 1970s.

The detail of the tile is all but indistinguishable.

Minton tile before restoration, early 1980s.

The page of infographics details the process of renovating the Minton Tiles

Graphic from The New York Times, January 2007.

Contemporary photo showing 2 women on the shore of the Lake, with rustic structures in the foreground and background

Central Park by the Lake, c. 1915. Photo by William Davis Hassler. Museum of the City of New York Archive.

The Daktoa, seen in the background, is the only tall building on Central Park West.

Skating in Central Park, c. 1890. Photo by J. S. Johnson. New York Historical Society.

The engraving is rich with motion and incident, and crowded with skaters.

Central Park, Winter: The Skating Pond, 1862. Currier & Ives Metropolitan Museum of Art prints collection.

Aerial view showing parking spaces and a few parked cars.

Cherry Hill, pre-restoration, 1980s.

The couple are both wearing berets, sitting atop a park bench with leafless winter trees in the background.

John Lennon & Yoko Ono in Central Park, 1980. Photo by Allan Tannenbaum.