Central Park Police Precinct

The Central Park Police Precinct covers all of Central Park’s 843 acres.

It's housed along the 86th Street Transverse Road in what was once the Park’s stables, part of a much larger facility that included various spaces for park management operations. Built in 1871 and designed by Park architect Jacob Wrey Mould, the building also included shops, sheds, and dwelling spaces for Park keepers, the name for the first police force that patrolled the Park.

The Precinct moved to this location in 1936 from its previous headquarters in the Arsenal, making it the oldest police station in the City. In 2013, the City completed an extensive rehabilitation and modernization of the Precinct, which involved restoring many of the building’s original features.

Precinct Phone Numbers
Main: 212.570.4820
Community Affairs: 212.570.4842
Community Policing: 212.570.4655
Crime Prevention: 212.570.4842
Domestic Violence: 212.570.4832
Youth Officer: 212.570.4655
Auxiliary Coordinator: 212.570.4843
Detective Squad: 212.570.4836

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