Indian Hunter

The sculpture Indian Hunter by John Quincy Adams Ward depicts a Native American man hunting with his dog. It is located near the southwest end of the Mall, an area more well-known for its monuments to historical writers.

A committee of prominent New Yorkers commissioned Ward to create this work for the Park based on smaller versions he made. When Indian Hunter was dedicated in the Park in 1869, it was praised as an example of a distinctly American art form and contributed to Ward’s stature as one of the most well-known American sculptors.

Ward’s depiction was notable because it broke from the typical approach to figurative sculpture at the time, which was to present idealized, classically based figures. To make the sculpture, Ward traveled to what was then the Dakota Territory to observe Native American life, seeking to represent his subject with naturalism and emotion.

Ward was the sculptor of several monuments in the Park, including William Shakespeare, The Pilgrim, and the Seventh Regiment Memorial.

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