Naturalists’ Walk

Naturalists’ Walk is a small, wooded area stretching along the west side of Central Park from 77th to 81st Street.

Sunken below the level of the street, the area’s shade, quiet, and woodland plants make it an ideal spot for picnicking, relaxing, walking, and observing nature. One of its most picturesque spots is a rustic bridge crossing over a small stream that connects to the Lake, also a popular spot for birdwatchers.

The main meadow in the area, near 78th Street, was once the site of the Ladies Pond, a small body of water connected to the Lake that in winter was reserved for women to ice skate. It was filled in and the lawn was created in the 1930s.

The landscape is named for its proximity to Naturalists’ Gate, the Park entrance at West 77th Street, which is marked by the statue of the renowned German naturalist Alexander von Humboldt. Adding to the theme, its location is directly across the street from the American Museum of Natural History.

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