Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields is a living memorial to Beatles legend and peace activist John Lennon.

Featuring an elaborate mosaic bearing the word “Imagine”—a nod to the songwriter’s anthem of peace—the memorial is surrounded by benches and shaded by stately American elms, making it a tranquil spot for reflection.

Named after one of Lennon’s favorite songs, “Strawberry Fields Forever,” the memorial sits just across the street from the landmark Dakota apartment building, Lennon’s former home and the site of his tragic death in 1980. Like many Upper West Siders, Lennon would often enjoy walks in this very landscape.

Strawberry Fields was officially dedicated on October 9, 1985, the 45th anniversary of Lennon’s birth. His widow, Yoko Ono Lennon, worked with landscape architect Bruce Kelly and the Conservancy to create a memorial that represents Lennon’s legacy as a visionary of world peace. The Imagine mosaic, made by Italian craftsmen and gifted by the city of Naples, serves as a testament to Lennon’s global resonance.

A designated Quiet Zone in the Park, Strawberry Fields has also been endorsed as a Garden of Peace by 121 countries, whose names appear on a bronze plaque on the path leading to the memorial.