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Caring for Central Park

Vanderbilt Gates
The Conservancy works year-round, rain or shine, to maintain and restore every inch of the Park — but our efforts go well past its perimeter.


Before and after views of Sheep Meadow.

The Central Park Conservancy restores the landscapes, structures, and water bodies that make up New York City’s urban oasis. Like any living thing, Central Park is constantly changing. The Conservancy is committed to ensuring that this evolution is thoughtful — both considerate of today’s visitor and true to the Park’s original purpose.

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Park Maintenance

Many of the 42 million individuals who enjoy Central Park each year are unaware of the care involved in keeping it beautiful, clean, and accessible to all. Conservancy crews work year-round to maintain landscapes, water bodies, stonework, benches, playgrounds, and facilities, whose heavy use is a testament to the Park’s popularity.

Turf Care

Playground Maintenance

Tree Crew




Snow Removal

Events Management

Trash Management

Community Engagement

Central Park is for the people, and the Conservancy offers a variety of public programs designed to deepen the community’s engagement with the Park and cultivate appreciation through personal, meaningful, and memorable experiences.

Designed to inspire deeper engagement with the Park, Conservancy tours offer everything from fresh perspectives on iconic views to intimate glimpses of the Park’s best-kept secrets.


Ongoing programs, like seasonal projects for families and schools, promote education, stewardship, and teamwork throughout the year.


Every year, thousands of individuals, families, and school kids come together to partner with us in our care of Central Park.

Institute for Urban Parks

The Conservancy leverages Central Park’s prominence and success to uplift urban parks everywhere. The Institute for Urban Parks brings together professionals from around the world to learn best practices for park stewardship and management.

Urban Park Leadership Program

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You Make it Possible

It takes a whole city to keep Central Park thriving — and you can make a difference without even rolling up your sleeves. In fact, most of Central Park Conservancy’s tireless work is made possible by the support of people like you.

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