Saucer Magnolia

The saucer magnolia, named for its saucer-cupped flowers, is a spectacle not to be missed in March and April. It's one of the earlier blooming magnolias, and its blooms can be damaged by spring cold snaps. The saucer magnolia was the first magnolia hybrid to be created in Europe.

A group of saucer magnolias behind the Metropolitan Museum of Art and along the East Drive surrounding the Obelisk are some of the most beautiful specimens of this tree in Central Park. Look for their shiny leaves, dark green and oval-shaped. In Conservatory Garden, you'll find saucer magnolias in the South Garden.

  • Leaves

    3 - 7 inches long, 1.5 - 3.5 inches wide, elliptical, sharply pointed tip
  • Fruit

    4 inch aggregate fruit with knobby surface
  • Flower

    White, pink, or purple; cup-like; bloom March - April
  • Bark

    Smooth, silver-gray

Where to find the Saucer Magnolia