Tree Guide

From enduring evergreens to colorful maples, some 18,000 trees stand in Central Park — and no two are exactly alike. Use this guide to explore some Park favorites.

For a listing of blooms in Central Park, view our Bloom Guide.

American Beech Tree

American Beech

Fagus grandifolia
American Elm Tree

American Elm

Ulmus americana
American Holly Tree

American Holly

Ilex opaca
American Hornbeam Tree

American Hornbeam

Carpinus caroliniana
American Larch Tree

American Larch

Larix laricina
American Linden Tree

American Linden

Tilia americana
American Sycamore Tree

American Sycamore

Platanus occidentalis
American Yellowwood Tree

American Yellowwood

Cladastris kentuckea
Amur Cork Tree

Amur Cork

Phellodendron amurense
Atlas Cedar Tree

Atlas Cedar

Cedrus atlantica