Harlem Meer Summer Festival: Sing Harlem!

Sing Harlem!

The award-winning musical group was formed as the breakout choir for Mama Foundation for the Arts' School of Gospel, Jazz, and R&B Arts. Under the direction of Ahmaya Knoelle Higginson, the choir has grown to be a highly respected and influential force in the New York gospel scene, producing not only great vocalists, but top-notch global citizens.

At its core, Sing Harlem! serves as both a social impact initiative for the young people that have graduated from Mama Foundation’s music training program and a commercial choir delivering acclaimed entertainment nationwide. All proceeds from Sing Harlem! events and performances benefit the Mama Foundation for the Arts’ music training programs, which are provided to the Harlem community tuition-free.

The festival is free, and all ages are welcome. Check out our Event Q&As for more information.

For more information and program details, visit the Harlem Meer Summer Festival landing page.

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