Discovery Activities for Kids and Families

Enjoy an adventure in Central Park from home!

Enjoy an adventure in Central Park from home! Our short Discovery Activity videos connect you and your family to some of the Park’s most fascinating and beautiful spots. Each activity requires minimal materials, and they're all noted in the video description.

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What's Buried Beneath Central Park?

Kids, ready to travel back in time to learn about the history of Central Park? Join the #CentralParkConservancy for today's Discovery Activity and uncover the story of #SenecaVillage, a community of predominantly African-Americans that existed before the creation of the Park. Then, learn about archaeology through some of the interesting artifacts we've discovered from this important community.

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    What Is a Formal Garden?

    Can you spot the difference between the pastoral and formal landscapes in Central Park? Join the #CentralParkConservancy for a family-friendly Discovery Activity and learn what makes each type of landscape unique — then use your creative skills to design your own formal garden!
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    What Does Your Park Look Like?

    Have you ever used a map to find your way? Look at maps of Central Park and practice getting from one place to another. Then, create your own park by drawing a map.
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    What Tree Shapes Do You See?

    Have you ever noticed that some trees provide more shade than others? Learn about different trees in Central Park then try and replicate those shapes with your own bodies!
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    Can You Pose Like a Statue?

    Can you pose like a statue? Follow along to learn more about the statues in Central Park and try to recreate the poses.
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    What's Out Your Window?

    Take in the view from Central Park’s Belvedere Castle and compare it to what you see out your own window! Materials: pencil, paper.
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    Animal Sounds

    Warbler or waterthrush, cardinal or ruby-crowned kinglet? We've all become avid birdwatchers these days, whether from within the Park or through our bedroom windows. Now take your avian-appreciation skills to the next level by learning to recognize bird calls!