Explore the Mid Park

Central Park’s purpose as a respite from city life, as well as its varied landscape design that evokes the countryside, have remained remarkably consistent over the course of its long history. And yet, Central Park has changed significantly since it was built, starting in the 1850s. The City’s rapid growth during the 20th century alongside changing ideas about recreation, public art, and culture influenced the additions and alterations that cemented Central Park’s prominence in public life.

With insight into the inclusion of the Park’s playgrounds and Egyptian Obelisk to the history of its reservoirs and the creation of the Delacorte Theater, this audio guide to the mid-Park shares how the Central Park Conservancy’s restoration and care of Central Park honors its original purpose and complex history while paying tribute to the changes that have been made overtime.

The Mid-Park Audio Tour is available in English, Spanish, and French.

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Mid-Park Audio Tour