Springtime Guide to Central Park’s Cherry Trees

Springtime in Central Park is simply stunning, and no celebration would be complete without a proper nod to the Park’s flowering cherry trees. From Yoshinos to Kwanzans to Higans, our official Conservancy guide showcases the best blooms to behold as the weather warms up.

The Park is home to over 18,000 trees that are cared for year-round by our expert arborists and the stars of spring are its flowering cherry trees. With blooms ranging from deep magenta to pale pink to crisp white, each of these cheerful cherries is sure to stop you in your tracks.

And speaking of tracks, do this ecosystem a favor by respecting a tree’s bark, branches, leaves, and flowers, and by honoring all fencing and marked paths. Central Park welcomes over 42 million visitors each year, and while trees are naturally hardy, they are still living specimens that are not immune to the pressures of increased foot traffic. Your respect keeps them healthy, which in turn supports the health of wildlife and visitors alike. The Park needs all of us to get involved in its care, and we appreciate your support in keeping this space resilient.

As you survey the Park’s thousands of flowers, shrubs, and trees for their seasonal splashes of color, share your Park adventures with us @CentralParkNYC using #CentralParkBloomWatch. Got a budding appetite for more plant ID? We’ve got an entire Bloom & Tree Guide for that.

Cherry Trees in Central Park