Yoshino Cherry

Central Park's Yoshino cherries, a gift of friendship from the government of Japan in 1912, can be found on Cherry Hill and are also concentrated on the east side of the Reservoir. Japan also sent a number of these beautiful trees, known as sakura, to be planted around Washington, D.C.'s Tidal Basin. When in full bloom, the abundance of the Yoshino cherry's simple, white blossoms can be intensely beautiful.

  • Leaves

    2-4 inches long; alternate arrangement; doubly sharp, saw-like edges; oval shaped with narrow base
  • Fruit

    0.5-1 inch diameter, round, black
  • Flower

    White to pink flowers, bloom late April, slightly fragrant
  • Bark

    Reddish-brown, prominent horizontal pores for gas exchange

Where to find the Yoshino Cherry