Cherry Hill

Named for the cherry trees that bloom in this landscape each spring, Cherry Hill is a popular destination overlooking the Lake.

Its sloping lawn is an ideal place for picnicking, relaxing, and enjoying views of rowboats on the water. Visitors flock to Cherry Hill in spring to enjoy the pink and white blooms of the Yoshino cherry trees.

At the top of the hill, visitors will find Cherry Hill Fountain, designed by Jacob Wrey Mould as a drinking fountain for horses. It forms the centerpiece of an open plaza connected to the 72nd Street Drive that served as a place for carriage riders to rest, water their horses, and take in views of the [Lake]. The concourse is still a popular resting point and viewing spot for Park visitors.

Cherry Hill Stroll

Explore Cherry Hill and admire its beloved springtime views.

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Just down the hill from the concourse to the west is [Wagner Cove] (named for former New York City mayor Robert F. Wagner, Jr.), one of the most intimate spots along the Lake’s shoreline. Visitors can enjoy the scenery from the rustic boat landing.

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