Outdoor Ice Skating in Central Park

Looking for the best ice skating in NYC? Enjoy some classic New York wintertime fun with ice skating in Central Park. Whether you’re new to an ice-skating rink or a seasoned skater, here’s everything you need to know!

Since the first skaters graced the frozen Lake back in the winter of 1858, ice skating continues to be one of the most beloved recreational activities in Central Park. Where are there ice rinks in Central Park? Need to rent a pair of ice skates? How much does it cost? We got you covered!

Wollman Rink

When it comes to finding the perfect ice-skating spot in Central Park, there is certainly no shortage of options. But for many, the place on everyone’s bucket list is Wollman Rink.

First opened in 1950, Wollman Rink is located on the east side of Central Park at 63rd Street, closest to the entrance at 59th Street and Sixth Avenue. Wollman Rink is open October to April and provides skate and locker rentals, public skating lessons, and light refreshments. Visitors can purchase a ticket or seasonal passes at the nearby box office during public skating hours, or book private events online.

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Conservatory Water

Located on the east side of the Park at 75th Street, Conservatory Water is a popular destination for model boating and relaxation. But when the weather gets cold and the water freezes over, the pond becomes another great outdoor ice-skating spot. Free ice skating is open to all when the ice is at least six inches thick, and visitors are required to bring their own pair of skates.

Be extremely cautious and adhere to safety guidelines. More information can be found here.

Note: Conservatory Water will NOT be open for ice skating this winter.

Coming Soon: The New Harlem Meer Center

Central Park will gain another ice-skating destination when the new Harlem Meer Center opens next winter. The new state-of-the-art facility will include a full-scale ice rink that will support ice-skating events, ice hockey, tournaments, and/or championships.

Stay tuned for more information on operation hours and pricing.

At the core of our restoration efforts for the rink and pool at the Meer lies our commitment to the Harlem community—and we invite you to be a part of this journey.

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