Wollman Rink

From October to April, Wollman Rink welcomes visitors for ice skating, an activity that has a long history in Central Park.

Wollman Rink’s location in the south area of the Park makes it easy to reach as well as a prime spot for enjoying Park scenery and the City skyline—a combination that becomes ever more dramatic after dark. In addition to skate rentals, the rink offers light refreshments.

Skating was one of the first recreational activities visitors experienced in Central Park, when the Lake welcomed skaters in winter 1858. While the Lake was always the premier skating spot, skating on the Pond and other Park water bodies was also an option.

Wollman Rink was built in 1950 over the northernmost section of the Pond. During the same period several other recreational facilities were added to the Park as well, including Chess & Checkers House, Loeb Boathouse, and Kerbs Boathouse. The rink’s construction was funded by philanthropist Kate Wollman in honor of her family.

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