The Pond

The Pond, the centerpiece of a serene landscape, is the first experience of Central Park for many visitors.

Surrounded by small lawns for sunbathing and picnicking, paths for strolling, and numerous benches, the Pond is a perfect place to relax. Rock outcrops and other spots along the shore offer views of the water and its resident waterfowl, which often includes egrets, black-crowned night herons, and several types of ducks. The u-shaped water body wraps around the Hallett Nature Sanctuary, a wooded, rocky hill traversed by rustic trails.

The Pond is just steps from the bustle of Fifth Avenue but set below the level of the street, so visitors literally descend into a landscape that provides an abrupt and immediate escape—the Park’s primary purpose. While visitors may feel transported out of the City, its skyline adds to the scenic drama of this section of the Park, with striking skyscrapers towering over the Park’s rocks, trees, and hills.

Stroll around the Pond

The landscape around this serene body of water offers scenic views and a chance to spot an array of wildlife at every turn.

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