Woodlands and Pond Foliage Tour

Discover one of Central Park’s best-kept secrets, home to many native plant species and wildlife, on this guided tour of the Hallett Nature Sanctuary and its surrounding landscapes.

The Hallett Nature Sanctuary, while the smallest of Central Park's three woodland landscapes, welcomes over 200 bird species annually. Restored to its natural splendor in 2016, the Hallett closed to the public in 1934 and remained untouched for nearly 70 years. Now, visitors can escape the hustle and bustle of nearby Fifth Avenue with a walk along rustic trails teeming with native plantings and the wildlife they attract.

This tour will also visit the Pond, which is known for its rock outcrops and resident waterfowl, which often includes egrets, black-crowned night herons, and several types of ducks.

Recommended for those interested in an active and off-the-beaten track experience, wildlife, and/or conservation.

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Places You'll Visit on This Tour