Hallett Nature Sanctuary

The smallest of Central Park's three woodland landscapes, this hidden four-acre preserve offers views of the Pond and lower Park, in addition to the rustic trails and world of wildlife within.

Closed to the public from 1934 until 2001, the Hallett Nature Sanctuary was restored by the Conservancy and reopened in 2013. Daily visiting hours and official Conservancy tours now allow visitors to explore one of the Park’s most pristine natural habitats.

In the scheme of Central Park, the Hallett Nature Sanctuary is quite literally the path less traveled. Originally called “The Promontory” by the Park’s designers due to its elevation, this landscape was initially deemed inaccessible. Though preserved as a bird sanctuary, it remained otherwise untouched for decades. In 1986, the Hallett was named in memory of birdwatcher, naturalist, and civic leader, George Hervey Hallett, Jr. Today it remains a haven for wildlife, thanks to the Conservancy’s work to reintroduce and tend to native plant species, creating a thriving, biodiverse habitat.