A heroic sled dog immortalized in bronze, Balto is a beloved fixture in the Park. Sculpted by Frederick G. R. Roth, Balto is a popular climbing statue among Central Park’s youngest visitors—a fitting feature, given his backstory.

In January 1925, a diphtheria outbreak threatened the children of Nome, Alaska—some 700 miles from the medicine they needed in Anchorage. In a story that captivated the world, twenty sled dog teams relayed the medicine through blinding snow and subzero temperatures, with an intrepid Siberian husky named Balto completing the final 53-mile leg of the journey.

Balto’s triumph earned him overnight celebrity and the artists of New York City were adamant about honoring him. Frederick G. R. Roth’s sculpture was dedicated on December 17 of that same year, 1925. The real Balto, along with his musher Gunnar Kassen, attended the ceremony, making Balto the only Central Park statue to have its honoree present at the unveiling.


East Side at 67th Street

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