Jose de San Martin

Jose De San Martin

José de San Martín commemorates the Argentine general whose military prowess is credited with helping Argentina, Chile, and Peru gain independence from Spanish rule. José de San Martín is shown here in a heroic mid-battle stance with his war horse rearing beneath him.

The monument was a gift from the City of Buenos Aires to the City of New York and was dedicated in 1951. It's a smaller-scale replica cast from the original, erected in the Plaza de San Martin in Buenos Aires in 1862. The statue is part of a trio of equestrian statues at 59th Street and 6th Avenue honoring great men of Latin America, alongside Simón Bolívar and Jose Marti.


Simon Bolivar

Mid-Park at 59th Street & 6th Avenue

West 59Th Street Kiosk

Mid-Park at 59th Street & 6th Avenue


Mid-Park at 59th Street & 6th Avenue

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