Cherry Blossom Tracker

Don’t miss a moment of peak cherry blossom season.

Ranging from deep magenta to pale pink to crisp white, Central Park’s cherry trees are a must-see in spring. Their blossoms are beautiful, but these flowers are fleeting—and with this year’s warm winter, they’re blooming much earlier than usual. Use this interactive map to track in real-time where the cherry blossoms have peaked in the Park.

Map of the Park's Cherry Blossoms

  • Pre-Peak
  • Peak
  • Post-Peak

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The Park Needs Us

Please always be careful of a tree’s bark, branches, leaves, and flowers, and honor the Park’s fencing and marked paths. Trees are living specimens that are not immune to the pressures of increased foot traffic, and Conservancy arborists work throughout the year to mitigate the toll this and other environmental factors take on our cherries and other trees.

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