Juneteenth in Seneca Village 2022

On June 19, 2022, the Central Park Conservancy hosted its inaugural Juneteenth celebration in Central Park. An act of both celebration and remembrance, this event featured world-renowned artists performing throughout the Seneca Village landscape.

Celebrating Juneteenth in Seneca Village

Seneca Village’s history in connection to Central Park is layered and complex. Today, it represents both the joy of Black success during a time of unimaginable hardships and the feeling of tragic loss that resulted when the area was seized by eminent domain to build the Park.

Revisit this impactful day and honor the voices and cultures that once resided here.

Go Deeper into History

A Look Back at the Event

  • The path leading up to Summit Rock was the event’s red carpet.
  • Kora player Abdou M’Boup welcomed visitors—and had a rapt audience.
  • Mayor Eric Adams addressed the crowd.
  • Visitors had a chance to relax, reflect, and enjoy the Juneteenth holiday.
  • One performance incorporated the landscape around Tanner's Spring.
  • Another incorporated the landscape of Summit Rock.
  • The festivities attracted audiences of all ages.
  • Hands-on activities helped visitors connect with Seneca Village's history and think about the archaeological traces that make it legible today.


A visit to Seneca Village isn’t just about seeing an archaeological site. It’s about taking an active part in remembering the people that lived here, imagining how the landscape shaped their communities and lives, and considering how we can honor their legacy. Through the lenses of education, community, enfranchisement, empowerment, reflection, and commemoration, this year's artists—helmed by artistic director Andromeda Turre—explored what the Seneca Village community meant to its residents, and what it means to New Yorkers today.