Dairy Visitor Center & Gift Shop

One of Central Park's five visitor centers, the Dairy Visitor Center & Gift Shop is a charming cottage near the Pond where wanderers can find their way.

Wanderers can find maps, guides, and gifts from the Central Park Conservancy all on offer at the Dairy.

The Dairy would look perfectly at home in the hills of the 19th century countryside. Calvert Vaux, Park co-designer, originally intended his Victorian cottage to be a rest area for children and their caregivers. When it opened in 1871, the cottage served children with milk and treats, as well as games they could borrow. Young Park-goers could escape the heat of the sun under the open-air porch, and feel a cool breeze coming from the Pond.

Today, the Dairy is a hub of information on the Conservancy’s varied programming and events, and provides visitors with maps and a wide array of gifts that support the Conservancy’s mission. Can't make it to the Dairy? Visit our online shop to browse our product selection and support the Park.