Dene Slope

The Dene Slope, located along a steep hill on the west side of the landscape known as the Dene, is one of the area’s most prominent features.

The Central Park Conservancy has planted more than 50 species of native wildflowers and grasses here and the landscape serves as a habitat for birds, bees, butterflies, and other wildlife. A trail provides access to the slope and rustic seating, which invites visitors to pause and enjoy the wildlife as well as the surrounding views. The meadow was completed in 2017 and took many years to establish—work that involved seeding, installing new irrigation infrastructure, and eliminating weeds. Native meadows are incredibly dynamic—each season is unique based on factors like the amount of sunlight and rainfall, and which seeds are spread by wind and wildlife.

Stroll in the Dene Slope

Join us as we walk through this vibrant meadow and year-round pollinator’s paradise.

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The Dene Slope is part of the Dene, a quintessential Central Park landscape. Its name, an English word for “valley,” evokes its topography created by steep hills and dramatic rock outcrops that are popular among Park visitors for climbing and exploring.

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