Heckscher Ballfields

Heckscher Ballfields consists of six fields for softball in an area defined by mature trees, impressive rock outcrops, and the midtown skyline in the south end of Central Park.

It’s one of three areas in Central Park with sports fields—the others being the Great Lawn and the North Meadow. All require a permit.

This area was designated in the 19th-century design for Central Park as the “Ball-ground” or the “Play-ground,” a place for playing fields games such as cricket or baseball. Although the growing popularity of these games led the Park planners to envision additional fields as part of the Park, they ultimately created only one. Because of overwhelming demand, they decided to prioritize its use for children. The nearby Ball-players House was created as a changing room and is now a cafe.

Later, more fields were added to the Park. Adults began to play on the ballfields in the 1920s.

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Ballplayers waiting for the pitch under a lush canopy of green leaves.

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