Summerhouse at the Dene

This rustic Summerhouse is perched high on a rock outcrop, overlooking the landscape known as the Dene.

It draws visitors to discover a peaceful retreat that also provides expansive views of the surrounding landscape. A rustic wood structure covered in vines, the Summerhouse provides a dramatic contrast to the tall buildings along Fifth Avenue and the skyline to the south. Other rustic summerhouses include one located in the Ramble, and the Cop Cot near Central Park South.

#MondayMeditation: Dene Summerhouse

Pause, take a deep breath, and relax with the serene sights and sounds of Central Park's Dene Summerhouse, one of the Park's rustic features.

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Two park-goers relax on benches under the timbers of the rustic summerhouse

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