The Ramble

A 36-acre woodland retreat in the middle of the Park, the Ramble features meandering paths, quiet coves, and rich forest gardens.

Over 210 bird species have also been spotted here, making it a favorite area for birders.

Described by Frederick Law Olmsted as a “wild garden,” the Ramble was created for strolling, exploration, and peaceful contemplation. The Conservancy recently restored the landscape to renew the area’s scenic character and preserve the woodland escape at the heart of Central Park’s design, maintaining an atmosphere reminiscent of the Adirondacks, an original intent of the Park’s design.

The twisting paths and thick canopy inside make it easy to get lost in the sights and sounds of lush greenery, giant boulders, and migrating birds. But if you’re lucky, you could stumble upon three of the Ramble’s most popular features: Azalea Pond, which gets its name from the century-old azalea plants at its southern end; the Gill, a stream that feeds into the pond; and Ramble Stone Arch, often considered one of Central Park’s most picturesque bridges.

Nestled within the Ramble’s woodland gardens, you’ll also spot handcrafted rustic features like bridges, benches, and an overlook, built by the Conservancy’s rustic crew. Other features date back far earlier: check out the Ramble shelter, which still stands on its original 19th-century posts.

Visitors can find their way into the Ramble from Bow Bridge to the south, Belvedere Castle from the north, or the East and West Drives.

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