From the Archives: Fall Foliage in Central Park Over the Years

The colorful spectacle of fall foliage never loses its appeal. Year after year, New Yorkers and visitors alike are drawn to Central Park in search of its famed seasonal palette.

We turned to our archives to see how the Park has evolved from one fall to the next. Here are some autumnal selects dating back to the Central Park Conservancy’s founding in the 1980s. These images feature our visitors’ favorite Park locations and stunning architecture, wildlife basking in the beauty of their homes, and aerial views of NYC’s backyard that will take your love of fall to new heights.

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Shakespeare 20221026 1

The Mall, 2022

Paulson 2014 Fall 3970 RT

The Lake, 2014

Aerials Fall 2009 DSC 0709

Aerial view, 2009

Bow Bridge Fog 0115

Bow Bridge, 2008

Animals waterfowl DSC 0041

Harlem Meer, 2008

North Meadow Aerial After

North Meadow, 2000

The Mall 1993

The Mall, 1993

The Ramble 1987

The Ramble, 1987

CPCBW Neg 1983 2 020 17

Central Park landscape, 1983

An aerial view of the Lawn in autumn, puncuated by baseball diamonds, with the waters of the Reservoir at the top of the frame.

The Ongoing Restoration of Central Park

Over Central Park’s long history, there have been changes made not just to the many natural landscapes but to various historical landmarks, monuments, and other public spaces. With 40 years of expertise, the Central Park Conservancy works tirelessly to preserve the Park’s natural beauty, ensuring that visitors get the best possible experience of accessing and enjoying autumn in the Park.

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