The Loch

The Loch, known for its three waterfalls, is the long, narrow watercourse that flows through the Ravine in the North Woods.

Paths on both sides of the Loch—Scottish for “lake”—provide views of the water, with some leading directly to its edge. One of the most peaceful spots in the Park, the Loch is lined with soaring trees that block out the surrounding cityscape and the sounds of its waterfalls muffle other signs of urban life. The area is a popular spot for birdwatching and other forms of nature observation.

Even though the Ravine looks natural, it was designed and built, like the rest of the Park. Designers Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux took some cues from the existing landscape and topography, creating the Ravine and Loch in an existing valley carved out by a meandering stream known as Montayne’s Rivulet. Park builders dammed and widened the stream, deepened the valley, and added plantings and features such as bridges and cascades.

Quiet Moments at the Loch

Immerse yourself in this peaceful and secluded winter scene at the Loch.

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Marking the entrances to the Ravine on both sides are impressive combinations of rustic stone arches and cascades: Glen Span Arch and cascade and on the west side and Huddlestone Arch and cascade on the east side.

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