Tisch Children’s Zoo

Home to goats, sheep, Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs, and the only cow in Manhattan, the Tisch Children's Zoo is a rural adventure for City kids.

The Zoo’s docile inhabitants will literally eat from the palm of your hand; just pop a quarter in a dispenser to buy a handful of nutritious feed. Little ones may prefer to pet the bronze animal sculptures beside each pen with convincing squawks, bleats, and oinks of their own.

In addition to the barnyard stars that dwell along the perimeter of the Tisch Children’s Zoo, turtles, frogs, and birds inhabit a central aviary. Other exhibits encourage exploration and imagination. Kids can get up close to models of giant turtle shells, fish heads, and rabbit ears and explore the Enchanted Forest, which features the colossal remains of primeval oak trees, acorns, and a giant spider. For creatively inclined children, an acting troupe performs daily at the Acorn Theater within the Zoo.