Peak Fall Foliage Map

How can you make the most of fall’s ephemeral beauty? Use this interactive map to track where peak foliage is happening throughout Central Park.

As a living work of art, Central Park is constantly changing—especially in the autumn. Due to variations in temperature and light, the leaves in different parts of the Park (sometimes referred to as “microclimates”) undergo their seasonal change at different times. Our expert arborists are out in the Park every day caring for the trees and letting us know where to find the best and brightest foliage, so revisit this interactive map for continuous updates throughout the fall!


  • Pre-Peak
  • Peak
  • Post-Peak

Featured Trees

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The Park Needs Us

Trees are living species, and when they’re damaged, it increases their chances of getting sick or dying. To take care of the Park’s trees, never climb their branches, pick their flowers or leaves, or etch into their bark. Be sure to walk softly around a tree’s roots rather than on top of them.

You can also directly support the care of the Park’s trees—and their colorful seasonal show—by donating to the Central Park Conservancy’s Tree Trust. Interested in a group donation? Join together with friends or family to support the Park’s trees with our group fundraising tool.

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