Self-Guided Tours

Even lifelong New Yorkers can discover something new in the Park's 843 acres. Follow the routes on our self-guided tours and explore Central Park's most spectacular landmarks and best-kept secrets.

Tours By Park Area

Learn more about the most visited sites in each area of Central Park. Spanish and French language versions are also available.
Burnett Fountain

Discover the northern area of Central Park — from the site of a military fortification to the Park’s only formal garden.

Central Tour

Explore the middle section of Central Park with stops at the Park’s miniature castle, a popular turtle hangout, and the oldest outdoor monument in New York City.

South End Tour

Explore one of the most popular areas of Central Park. The South End tour takes you from the Children’s District to the smallest of the Park’s woodland landscapes.

North Woods bridge

Explore the dramatic cascades and winding paths of the North Woods.

Ramble Tour

Explore the Ramble, one of the most intricate and detailed landscapes in Central Park.

Fort Clinton

Learn how the landscape just south of the Harlem Meer played a key role during the American Revolution and the War of 1812.

Monthly Mile

There are endless paths to discover in Central Park -- explore something new each month with a mile-long walk.
Alice in Wonderland in Winter

Take advantage of some of the Park’s best winter activities in a single afternoon stroll.

Romeo and Juliet

Visit destinations that highlight famous figures, beautiful backdrops, and black history in New York City.

The Mall

Tour the heart of Central Park, from the Zoo, past the iconic Balto statue, then down the Mall to Bethesda Terrace, the spiritual and social core of the Park.

Shakespeare Garden

Explore the best places to enjoy springtime in the Park, including Shakespeare Garden and the Reservoir.

May Monthly Mile

Visit the newly rebuilt boat landings around the Lake — recreated with their original designs from the 19th century in mind.

The Blockhouse

The North Woods, the Park’s largest woodland landscape, is among the best-kept secrets of Central Park.

July Monthly Mile

Explore the Harlem Meer, the Park's second-largest water body and the centerpiece of a stunning landscape of wooded hills, meandering paths, and elegant gardens.

August Monthly Mile

See the newest additions to the Park, which have been recently restored by Conservancy staff.

The Pilgrim

Visit some of Central Park's statues and monuments, including The Pilgrim, the Hans Christian Andersen statue, and the Obelisk.

October Monthly Mile

Enjoy the fresh air and the changing season as you walk along the scenic route through the East Meadow, North Meadow, and Bridle Path.

November: Peace, Quiet, and a Dose of History

November’s mile takes you along the west side of Central Park.

December Monthly Mile

December’s mile-long stroll takes you through the southern end of Central Park.

Tree Walks

Wander along six scenic routes that highlight scores of trees, each marked with identification plaques on the trunk or on a nearby sign in the ground.
Upper West Side Walk

Discover the trees in Central Park’s northwest corner.

East Meadow Walk

Discover the trees on Central Park’s east side.

59th Street Walk

Learn more about the trees in Central Park’s popular south end.

Bethesda Walk

The Bethesda Tree Walk takes you on a tour of popular sites like Strawberry Fields and Bethesda Terrace.

Great Lawn Walk

The Great Lawn is home to scores of trees that provide shade on sunny days.

East Side Zofnass Walk

Take a walk along the Park’s east side, where every tree and shrub has a unique name and identity.

Virtual Tour

Visit Central Park from wherever you are, with this guided, virtual walk that starts at West 72nd Street, and takes you through the heart of the Park.

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Guided Tours

Take an Official Central Park Tour to learn more about the Park's history and design from the people who know it best.

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